Flea and Tick Prevention

Ticks and fleas are dangerous for pets and can carry deadly diseases. It is vital to use preventative care measures to ensure that your pet is healthy and safe. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help. At All Animal Veterinary Services in Modena, NY, we provide flea and tick prevention methods and will give you tips on how to avoid these pests.

Importance of Parasite Prevention

Flea and tick prevention is vital to your pet’s health and longevity. Here are just some of the reasons why it’s essential to fight off parasites:
  • To prevent diseases: Fleas are known to transmit tapeworms and Murine Typhus. On the other hand, ticks cause Lyme disease, tick paralysis, anaplasmosis, and other diseases.
  • To improve your pet’s quality of life: Parasites cause skin irritation that makes your pet uncomfortable.
  • To save money: Parasite prevention helps you save money, since you don’t have to treat diseases transmitted by parasites.

How to Prevent Fleas and Ticks

There are several ways you can protect your pet from fleas and ticks.

Talk to Our Veterinarian

The first step in protecting your pet is visiting our veterinarian. We provide a variety of flea and tick prevention methods. We offer oral medications, topical medications, sprays, and flea collars. It is vital to keep up with these methods year-round so your pet is always protected.

Keep Your Yard Clean

The state of your lawn could be the difference between healthy and parasite-ridden pets. Unkempt lawns tend to attract parasites. Tall grass can become a home to ticks that are always waiting to attach onto a passing animal. A poorly maintained yard is also attractive to fleas, which typically reside in cool, shady places like shrubs and trees.

Keep Your Home Clean

It is important to ensure that ticks and fleas don’t infest your home. Since fleas and ticks can lay eggs on your carpet and blankets, vacuum and clean these items regularly to remove eggs. This way, you will prevent parasites reaching the maturity stage.

Keep Your Pet Groomed

Just as you should keep your yard and home clean, you should also keep your pet clean. Check your pet for fleas and ticks after it is outside. If you notice any signs of an infestation, groom your pet. For fleas, you can use a flea comb to pick out the pests. Baths are also helpful in soothing irritations and getting rid of insects attached to your pet’s skin.

Visit Our Veterinarian in Modena, NY for Flea and Tick Prevention Methods

Preventative care is vital in keeping your pet healthy. At All Animal Veterinary Services in Modena, NY, our veterinarian can help. We provide flea and tick prevention medications to keep your pet protected. Our veterinarian can also guide you on how to lessen your pet’s risk of becoming infested. If your pet does have fleas or ticks, visit us for urgent care. We will treat your pet and determine if it has contracted any diseases. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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