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Large Animal Veterinary Services

Large animal veterinarians provide needed services that small animal vets don’t offer. A veterinarian that cares for large animals may provide services in their office as well as on location. The vet may visit hobby and commercial farms, petting zoos, and residences with pet animals including pigs and cows. At All Animal Veterinary Services, Dr. Eleanor Acworth provides services in Modena NY and the surrounding area for animals both large and small.

Services Offered

You’ll find some veterinary services that are offered by small animal vets, including routine wellness exams, vaccinations, and wound care. Unique services include vaccinations, preventive health, reproductive health, and surgeries. We may also help to treat or prevent herd outbreaks and determine if an animal is healthy enough to function in a commercial capacity. An evaluation of on-site conditions can also allow the vet to determine any practices that need to be changed for the health and safety of the animals. This can help prevent disease and injury and help your animals to maintain optimal health.

Nontraditional Pet Owners

Nontraditional pet owners can benefit from large animal veterinary services as well. Most veterinarians are not experienced in treating cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry. Regardless of their status as pets or livestock, a large animal vet has experience in treating these species of animals, allowing us to provide the best care possible. Needed vaccinations, proper diet, and special health concerns can all be addressed by our large animal vet. Large Animal Veterinary Care in Modena If you live in Modena, New Paltz, Newburgh, or the surrounding communities, Dr. Eleanor Acworth is available for all your veterinary needs. She provides excellent veterinary care for a wide range of animals, large and small. Contact All Animal Veterinary Services today at (845) 255-2900 to schedule an appointment for your animal.

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