House and Farm Calls

House and Farm Calls

Our experienced veterinarian makes farm and house calls. We provide urgent care and emergency veterinarian services. Save our number on speed dial. We will visit your location and treat your animals, big or small. We service residents of Modena and the surrounding areas. 


Our doctor and staff both love animals. Most animals need health care. We treat farm animals, work animals, petting zoo animals, pets, show animals, and more. We treat animals for all sorts of people, including cattle ranchers, dairy farmers, breeders, and pet owners. 

If you have one of the following:

  • cat
  • chicken
  • cow
  • dog
  • exotic animal
  • goat
  • gerbil
  • guinea pig
  • hamster
  • horse
  • pig
  • pony
  • rabbit
  • sheep
  • turkey

Dr. Acworth can examine and treat your animals in their home or yours. Our veterinarian possesses training and experience in caring for all kinds of animals, small and large. Schedule a house call or farm call to have our vet examine horses, cattle, pigs, or other large animals. She is also available to conduct an on-site evaluation of your animals’ living spaces. Look at our online photo gallery to see our veterinarian with some of her patients.

We Depend on Our Animals; Our Animals Depend on Us.

You depend on your animals. Pets, livestock, work animals are all a part of our daily lives. When they become sick or are injured, it affects you and your family members. A sick animal may even jeopardize your livelihood. Whether you have a teacup pig, a farm pig, dairy cows, beef cattle, a pet horse, a workhorse, or a pet cow named Daisy, our veterinarian can help. All types of emergencies can occur, especially with large barnyard animals. 

Farm Call for Urgent Care

If you own a farm, you know it isn’t a matter of “if” an emergency occurs. It is a matter of “when” an emergency happens. You may detect a dangerous internal or external condition. One of your animals may become injured or experience a difficult pregnancy. Whatever animals you may have, keep your animals healthy with health care and urgent care from our experienced mixed-animal veterinarian.

Schedule a House or Farm Call in the Modena, NY Area

We have a long list of happy customers with well cared for animals. Call All Animal Veterinary Services today at (845) 255-2900. Ask about urgent care and emergency veterinary care protocols.

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