Microchipping Your Pet

Owning a pet brings lots of joy but it does come with responsibility. Taking your pet to see a veterinarian like Dr. Eleanor Acworth, is one of those responsibilities. If you live in the Hudson River Valley, in Modena, New Paltz, or Newburgh, NY and you are considering microchipping your pet, All Animal Veterinary Services is here to answer your questions.

Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

What could be worse than losing your pet? When a lost pet is microchipped it is much easier to identify the owner. Once scanned your lost pet is returned to you promptly. This added sense of security should ease the stress of finding your lost pet.

What Is a Microchip?

A microchip is a small electronic device, about the size of a grain of rice, that is encased in glass. The chip does not have a battery and a scanner can read the chip’s identification number using radio waves. The identification number on the chip is then displayed on the scanner and cross-referenced with the manufacturer to track down the pet owner’s details.

How the Microchip Is Implanted

The microchip is injected into the animal with a hypodermic needle. It is usually implanted under the skin in the area between the shoulder blades. No anesthesia is necessary. If you have scheduled surgery for your pet such as a spay or neutering, this might be a good time to also get the chip implanted.

What to Expect

We know you love your pet and having a procedure that is not necessary has you worried. While no procedure is ever 100% safe, the complications of microchipping are very minimal. The injection spot may be sore for a day or two and there may be some bruising. For most pets, the bruising will go away very quickly.

What Information Is on the Microchip?

You may be concerned that the microchip will store your personal information. This is not the case. What it stores is just a number and this number is connected to your account. You provide all of the information that is on file about you and your pet. Pet Microchipping in Modena When you need a veterinarian to care for your pet, All Animal Veterinary Services in Modena, NY, is here for you. We also service other Hudson River Valley towns such as New Paltz and Newburgh. Whether you are considering microchipping or just looking for routine pet care, call All Animal Veterinary Services today at (845) 255-2900.

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