Pet Surgery

Conditions That May Require Pet Surgery

Surgery may be performed to treat a number of veterinary problems. It may be needed to repair serious wounds, stop bleeding or to repair broken bones, after an accident. Sometimes, surgery is needed to repair congenital issues or issues that certain breeds are predisposed to developing. Some breeds of dog are prone to hip dysplasia or displaced kneecaps. These conditions can be helped with surgery. Eye disorders and injuries may require surgery. Abdominal obstructions may need surgery to clear the blockage. Surgery may be indicated to remove cancerous tumors or benign growths. Veterinarians do these procedures routinely.

Concerns about Anesthesia

Pet owners sometimes worry about the general anesthesia used on their pets during surgery. The drugs used to anesthetize animals have been carefully tested to ensure both safety and effectiveness during surgery.  In addition, the vet will do a number of tests to determine whether or not your pet is well enough to have surgery. While animals are under anesthesia, an animal’s heart rate and breathing are carefully monitored for any abnormalities. The risk anesthesia causing complications for your pet is very small, and animals recover very quickly from its effects. Your veterinarian will be able to answer any questions you might have concerning anesthesia and your pet’s safety.

Pet Owners Play an Important Role in Recovery after Surgery

After surgery, you may be required to change wound dressings, monitor wounds, administer pain medications, and provide proper feeding and exercise to your pet. These tasks will ensure that your pet recovers quickly and completely. Your pet may have to go back to the vet for follow-up visits, physical therapy, or other treatment. Healing generally progresses over a period of time, until your pet is allowed to resume normal activities.

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