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Pet Dental Care at All Animal Veterinary Services in Modena, NY

Pet dental care is an essential component of maintaining overall health. Neglected teeth can cause an array of issues that affect pets’ wellness, not to mention the pain that can result from neglected oral health. Here at All Animal Veterinary Services, our veterinarian, Dr. Eleanor Acworth, offers comprehensive dental services for domestic pets and even farm animals.

What to Expect During a Pet Dental Examination

Only a qualified veterinarian, such as Dr. Eleanor Acworth, can perform dental exams on animals. A dental examination is done every time your pet comes to All Animal Veterinary Services, however, a comprehensive examination, including a complete check-up, is done whenever a dental disease is suspected. These comprehensive examinations include a complete checkup to ensure that their mouths, teeth, and gums are in optimal condition. If not, we can help determine the best course of action to resolve the issue before it becomes more serious and worsens.

How Our Veterinary Team Treats Dental Problems

Besides the dental examination where every tooth is checked for tooth or gum disease, the team cleans and ultrasonically polishes the teeth, as well as performs fluoride treatment and extractions when needed.

Signs of Pet Dental Problems

Animals cannot tell you they have a toothache or are in pain. However, these telltale signs can be an indication that your pet is suffering:

  • Sensitive and inflamed gums
  • Pawing at face
  • Bad breath
  • Extra teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Abnormal chewing when eating
  • Drooling
  • Whining when eating
  • Refusal to eat
  • Discolored teeth
  • Bleeding along the gum line
  • Swelling in areas around the mouth
  • Signs of irritability

If your animal presents any of these signs, call us at All Animal Veterinary Clinic to schedule a dental exam. Our veterinarian is highly experienced at treating all forms of dental disease and strives to help you prevent such issues through routine dental care. Remember, dental problems aren’t necessarily a sign of poor care in pets, as many are born with genetic conditions that can cause many of the above symptoms.

Let Us Help Your Pet Have Healthy Teeth

If you live in Modena, NY, or the surrounding communities of Newburgh, or New Paltz, we want to be your veterinarian of choice. Dr. Eleanor Acworth has decades of experience with animals both large and small, so call All Animal Veterinary Clinic today at (845) 255-2900 to schedule an appointment.

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